MacBook Repair

MacBook Repair Shop in Nehru Place Delhi We have vast knowledge and expertise when it involves repairing MacBooks, upgrading the software, etc.

MacBook Repair Shop in Nehru Place Delhi

We are the most important independent store in Leeds Area and are established within the repair industry for the past 10 years. we provide flawless MacBook Pro and Air screen replacements an equivalent day. Our ultra-rapid services leave the competition standing.

Our experts are renowned within the repair industry for quality affordable repairs, we’ve literally seen it everywhere the years and may confidently show samples of poor workmanship administered by other repair shops on MacBook totally destroying their precious logic boards. Unfortunately in most cases the work administered by poorly skilled repair technicians is completely irreparable thanks to them intensively damaging components and track on the motherboard.
This process also removes grease built up dirt and other particles which will cause interference within the correct functionality of the damaged Apple MacBook. Our customised water damage procedure is closely guarded secret and has the very best success rate within the industry.

We are currently the sole genuine fix-it shop besides Apple offering Mac Repairs within the Leeds area. we provide the fastest Mac repair solution in Leeds, we are experts within the field of fixing Apple MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air computers. Our repair facility was reconstructed to facilitate Apple MacBook repairs so there’s now no got to entrust these repairs to the myriad of untrustworthy and inexperienced PC technicians. Our repair philosophy has always been to take care of extremely high standards ensuring an ideal repair methodology. We always specialise in the minute details, guaranteeing your Mac is returned to you in good working order. Inexperienced technicians will never be allowed to figure on your pride and joy, and that we will always put your Mac back together exactly because it was taken apart.

Apple Mac technician’s are going to be ready to passionately explain in great and minute detail exactly what they will provide you with in terms of a repair without pause for breath and in perfectly understandable queens English.

Some of the common problems we fix

Have issues with your MacBook? Visit us and we have a solution to all your problems - LCD/ Screen, Keyboard, Trackpad, Battery Replacement, Charging Port/ DCN Port Issues, Wi-Fi/ Network Card, Body Panel, Data Recovery & Software.

Screen Replacement

Oops don’t worry your favorite MacBook is cracked accidentally so don’t waste your golden time here is Kushwaha Telecom for making your smile once again. We are sure that after repairing your iPhone screen you feel like a new one again with a charming smile. Contact Us +919911988882

Charging Issue

There may be times when you realize that despite being on the magnetic charger, your MacBook is not charging at all. This can be a cause of panic ordinarily, our experts’ technicians can fix the charging issue of your MacBook so that you can use it like it was before

Battery Replacement

A faulty battery can cause 2 kind of issues. Easiest one to realize is if your MacBook starts draining faster than normal. The other issue is when the battery swells.  Call us and experience the fastest MacBook battery replacement service NOW!

Water Damage

MacBook is Water Resistant and excellent at repelling small traces of liquid that might creep in during workouts or washing hands etc.  If that happens, it can cause several issues. Electronics and water don’t mix well. Our expert technicians can perform water damage treatment and bring your MacBook back to life.