Nokia Mobile Repair & Services

For repair needs of Nokia Phone Repair, we are a one stop solution. Damaged Screen, Charging Problems, Data Recovery, you name it and we have it covered.

Some of the common problems we fix

Broken/ Damaged Glass and LCD Screen, Battery Replacement, Charging Problems, Camera Sound, Water Damage, Motherboard Repair & Replacement, Wi-Fi/ Network Problems, Home Button, Data Recovery & Software. Kushwaha Telecom is the GO-TO Shop for all your Smart Phone issues.
We Repair All the Nokia Model - Nokianokia C31, nokia 8210 4G, nokia 105 plus, nokia 105(2022), nokia G21, nokia XR20, nokia C01 plus, nokia C20 plus, nokia G20, nokia G10, nokia 5.4, nokia 225 4G, nokia 2.4, nokia 3.4, nokia C3, nokia 5310, nokia 2.3, nokia 110(2019), nokia 6.2 , nokia 2.2, nokia 9 pure view, nokia 106, nokia 106(2018), nokia 3.1 plus, nokia 7.1, nokia 5.1 plus, nokia 3.1, nokia X6, nokia 8 sirocco, nokia 8110 4G, nokia 1, nokia 7 plus, nokia6.1, nokia 7 plus, nokia 130(2017), nokia 105(2017), nokia 3, nokia 6, nokia 230, nokkia lumia 830, nokia lumia 635, nokia lumia630, nokia lumia 625, nokianokia X100, nokia G300, nokia XR20, nokia G50, nokia G10, nokia X20, nokia 8 V5G UW, nokia 8.3 5G

Screen Replacement

Oops don’t worry your favorite Nokia Phone is cracked accidentally so don’t waste your golden time here is Kushwaha Telecom for making your smile once again. We are sure that after repairing your Smart Phone screen you feel like a new one again with a charming smile. Contact Us +919911988882

Charging Issue

There may be times when you realize that despite being on the magnetic charger, your Nokia Phone is not charging at all. This can be a cause of panic ordinarily, Our experts’ technicians can fix the charging issue of your Nokia Phone so that you can use it like it was before

nokia mobile repair

Battery Replacement

A faulty battery can cause 2 kinds of issues. The easiest one to realize is if your Nokia Phone starts draining faster than normal. The other issue is when the battery swells.  Call us and experience the fastest Smart Phone battery replacement service NOW!

Water Damage

Smart Phone is Water Resistant and excellent at repelling small traces of liquid that might creep in during workouts or washing hands etc.  If that happens, it can cause a number of issues. Electronics and water don’t mix well. Our expert technicians can perform a water damage treatment and bring your Smart Phone back to life.