There are so numerous features on the iPhone that I enjoy using similar as 3D Touch, AirDrop, Night Shift, contraptions, and voicemailtranscriptions.However, also you presumably formerly know how to use utmost of the features, If you have been using an iPhone for a while. still, there are a number of features that are under- the- radar which could be useful. Then are 05 of the stylish iPhone tips that you may not know about

Useful iPhone Tips

1.) Block Data Usage On Specific Apps

Whenever I use the YouTube app while on-the-go, I tend to run out of my data allotment pretty quickly. Fortunately, there is a way to block certain apps from using your data by going to Settings app > Cellular and disabling cellular data usage for specific apps under the Use Cellular Data For section. This can be especially useful if you are starting to run low on data for the month.

2.) Change Panorama Mode Directions

Did you know that you can switch directions while in Panoramic mode of the Camera app? Instead of taking photos from left-to-right, you can switch it to right-to-left by tapping on the photo box while in Panoramic mode.

3.) Change The “Respond With Text” Defaults

When you are receiving a phone call, there are three options that appear — which are Slide to Answer, Remind Me and Message. Usually, I pick the Message option if I cannot pick up the call. The three options for the default text messages are: “Sorry I can’t talk right now,” “I’m on my way” and “Can I call you later?” But you can change these three default options by going to the Settings app > Phone > Respond With Text. Unfortunately, the maximum number of defaults are three.

4.) Clear App Memory

Sometimes it may feel like your iPhone has been slowing down. This could be potentially fixed by clearing the app memory. You can do this by holding down the Sleep button until the Slide to Power Off slider appears. When the slider appears, you will need to hold down the Home button until your iPhone goes back to the home screen again. After your phone is returned to the Home screen, the apps have been cleared out of memory. This should make your device feel faster.

5.) Close All Tabs Open In Safari

While browsing the Internet in Safari, sometimes you might not realize that you have opened up way too many tabs. Fortunately, there is a way to close all of the tabs in one go. If you want to close multiple tabs in one go, then you simply need to push down on the tabs button at the bottom-right of the screen. Then you will see two options: “New Tab” and “Close X Tabs.”

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